Issue 134: Crossword – The Christmas Number – printable

21 December 2017

Crossword by Boffles

The Christmas Number

8 Peace .. …, good will to men (2,5)
9 What a turkey and a gourmand does (7)
10 Rush we will experience after all that confectionery (5)
11 Number of ships seen on Christmas Day (5)
12 Monarch who saw somebody gath’ring winter fuel (9)
14 Component of 17ac (5)
15 Partially crackers and requiring the same (7)
17 A glorious one came upon the midnight clear (4)
18 The era it began (2)
19 Kind of potatoes that go well with the turkey (5)
20 Pipers piping were sent on this day (8)
23 What 16dn and his colleagues kept over their flocks (5)
24 The bird will be when it goes in the oven (7)
26 Will the front room be opened up for these games? (7)
27 Chewy and often nutty sweets popular at this time (7)

1 A lack of a Christmas card staple (2,4)
2 ‘Tis the ……. to be jolly’ (6)
3 Mixed drinks favoured by Swedes among others (4)
4 Messiah sort of work (6)
5 Restraint practised by some in January (10)
6 Many like Chateaux Petrus and Latour will be drunk (7)
7 Joseph went to Bethlehem to be ……. for tax (8)
9 3dn containers (7)
13 ‘O Sing, choirs of angels, Sing in ……..’ (10)
15 What the Magi came to do (7)
16 ‘If I were a ……, I would bring a lamb’ (8)
21 Essential part of the holiday but can be overdone (6)
22 You could have a Super one instead of 6dn (6)
23 Will a Yule log keep you so? Your new jumper is a better bet (4)
25 Christmas pudding is not everybody’s favourite (4)


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