24 December 2015

Crossword by Boffles


Merry Christmas

SS34 grid


    1  Key figure (6,9)

    8  1ac’ s helpers (8)

    9  Festive 4dn was in short supply or this in the Scrooge household (6)

  11  So synonym for Latin frankincense (4)

  12  What people will be doing to the turkey on Boxing Day – turning it into curry etc (9)

  14  Where the Magi’s guiding star stopped when it reached the stable (8)

  16  Schools put on Nativity ones (5)

  19  Mulled wine usually is with brandy or another spirit (5)

  21  Accurate description of Mary but prosaically usually refers to your old school (4,5)

  24  Black ones probably going to be needed after the office party (7)

  27  Three were seen sailing in on Christmas morning (5)

  28  The lessons will be during the Christmas service (4,3)

  30  Common pub order at this time of year (1,6)

  31  Required in large quantities by 1ac to perform his role (8,7)



    1  What the angels did say (5,4)

    2  What the Magi  gave to Jesus (7)

    3  It does on Twelfth Night (4)

    4  It is a time of good ……… (5)

    5  A little drink of champagne or whatever you fancy (3)

    6  How the bells went ding dong on high (7)

    7  Part of 1ac’s equipment (6)

  10  Add ‘H’ to this exclamation to get what 1ac says (3)

  13  Birthplace designed for cattle (4)

  15  Dessert, not a tryst (1,4)

  17  Product of 24dn and Twelfth Night drink (9)

  18  Origin of vegetable that traditionally accompanies the turkey but is not to everybody’s taste (8)

  20  Chocolate log essential (5)

  22  Sewing aid that brings luck or thrift if found in your pudding (7)

  23  See 24dn (5)

  25  What the shepherds tended (5)

  26  The shepherds would have carried one (5)

  29  and 22dn = They prance about after nine dancing ladies (3)

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