19 November 2015: Issue 29

Week in Brief            






All French now

Paris by John Watson

Blocking the road from hell

Blessed are the Peacemakers by Neil Tidmarsh

History is being made by good men in Vienna, not by bad men in Paris

On Yer Bikes by J.R. Thomas

Just how did Boris do at County Hall?

The Art of Procuring by John Watson

Keeping down the cost of submarines


dull november

Dull November      photo Jasper Fell-Clark

Noise Off by J.R.Thomas

The Republicans prepare for Iowa

L’Affaire des Chemises Arrachées by Richard Pooley

“La hiérarchie” breeds disruption at Air France

Property is not a Pension by Frank O’Nomics

Residential may not cut it over the full cycle 

Dull November by Chin Chin

Tax returns: more entertaining than perversions



Macbeth (film), reviewed by Neil Tidmarsh


“Any fule kno”

Solution to last weeks’s crossword “Thrillers of one sort or another”

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