Issue 30:2015 11 26:contents

26 November 2015: Issue 30 Week in Brief             UK International Financial Comment Stone Him! by John Watson Those who express the wrong views must be punished Serious Consequences by Neil Tidmarsh President Putin reaches for the Paracetamol. Again Bonkers bankers by M J Horast A more constructine approach to the HBOS affair is neede Features The

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Issue 29:2015 11 19: Contents

19 November 2015: Issue 29 Week in Brief             UK International Financial Comment Paris by John Watson Blocking the road from hell Blessed are the Peacemakers by Neil Tidmarsh History is being made by good men in Vienna, not by bad men in Paris On Yer Bikes by J.R. Thomas Just how did Boris do at

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Issue 30: 2015 11 26: Stone Him!

26 November 2015 Stone Him! Those who express the wrong views must be punished by John Watson One commentator has written that the debate about dropping David Starkey from the Cambridge University fund-raising video is not about free speech.  I’m not sure that is completely right but it is probably fair to say that free

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Issue 30: 2011 11 26: Week in Brief: International

26 November 2015 Week in Brief: INTERNATIONAL ARGENTINA: In the election’s second round of voting, opposition leader Mauricio Macri, the Buenas Aires mayor who stands for centre-right free-market liberalism, defeated the left-wing protectionist Daniel Scioli, the protégé of the out-going President Kirchner. AUSTRALIA: Bushfires, thought to have been started by lightning, killed a farmer and

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